i moved!

hi dear readers! i hope you won’t mind following me to my new blog: hejdawn.blogspot.com

it’s just as nice as this blog and i had three very good reasons for moving: 1. wordpress is a little annoying 2. i kind of wanted a shorter, catchier name 3. and most importantly: i caught a cold and needed something to keep me busy while snivelling on the couch.

so come on over to hejdawn.blogspot.com, it’s fun, i swear!

light blue dress

i’ve been wanting to make a light blue summer dress since i read vi på saltkråkan two summers ago. the oldest daughter wears a light blue dress at one point and while i’m not really sure why i found that so especially inspiring (a blue dress has to be the next most basic thing after a black dress?) it’s been on my to-make list ever since.

i was in gävle in may when i found the perfect blue-striped seersucker fabric – and for only 29 crowns/metre. but it took me a while to find the perfect pattern.


after a false start with a burda pattern – i traced it off and started laying it out only to realise the pattern required 56″ fabric and mine’s an unusually narrow 44″ – i started sketching out some ideas. i wanted an a-line skirt, button placket and extended shoulders or flanges instead of sleeves. not asking for much right? yet it took me the whole summer to find what i was looking for!


simplicity 2018 to the rescue! just what i had in mind, and from 1947 – i love ’40s patterns, the bust sizing always corresponds to my measurements so i don’t have to change much.

this was pretty straightforward to make – or rather, very straightforward. one dart, a couple of pleats at the waist, what more shaping do you need? and isn’t seersucker a dream to work with? so flexible and easy-going.

my favourite detail has to be the hidden button placket.


the inside is basically indistinguishable from the outside at first glance, which is a good thing but has led to me putting it on inside out more than once.

it’s definitely a summer dress but with a bit of luck i can wear it one or two more times before it gets really cold.

finally, i have a light blue dress!


new fabric

some new fabrics have come my way lately, as they have a tendency to do.

last week we took a day trip to gävle, a really nice town somewhat north of here with a cool old quarter. i went to their local quilt shop and brought home a fat quarter (a super low-volume blue) as a souvenir. i’ve been needing some more background-friendly fabric for my splendid sampler.

i also stopped by ohlssons. it’s a fairly big chain but every location has a somewhat different selection and i really like the gävle store. my luck didn’t fail me either, as i found this excellent cat fabric (which just happens to coordinate really well with my fabrics for the summer sampler 2016). cats

i also found this butterfly print, which i assumed was just “inspired by” (i.e. ripped off) heather ross’ line, but closer inspection revealed this to be honest-to-goodness tiger lily fabric. i was (quite nerdily) thrilled as i’ve coveted this line for a while and i neeeeever find anything cool from the internet in stores around here. such a catch!


then the very next day my summer sampler fabrics arrived! ask me if i’m happy with my choices. i’m very happy with my choices!!!


my first quilt


it’s done, it’s really done!

actually, finishing this quilt was slightly  anti-climactic. i suppose finishing the actual quilting was the thrilling part, binding it wasn’t so exciting after all. and then of course there was the inaugural sleeping under it, but perhaps that lost a bit of its thrill too, as i’d already taken a handful of naps under this very cozy quilt. well, it spent the better part of a year on my couch, what could you expect?



i’m so happy with how it turned out! it’s on the small side (an oddly dimensioned 81″ x 87″) but i figured that for my first quilt i should stick with something on the reasonable side of large, so i don’t mind. it’s still big enough to cover my whole bed, of couse, there just isn’t really any overhang.

i’m especially happy with the colours! the reason i chose pink as the background (instead of white) is because i had some pale pink cotton on hand from a blouse i was making. i’m sure glad i did, it’s so pretty!


all in all i’m very very happy with my first quilt, and i honestly still can’t quite believe i really made a whole quilt! it’s something i’ve always wanted to do but which seemed slightly unreasonable, something i could never actually pull off. but i did it!


choosing colours (ii)

after several days of hemming and hawing and spending every spare moment looking at fabric online, i finally made a decision and placed an order for my new summer sampler quilt!

i started with two inspiration pictures found online, and picking out the colours, found fabrics. orange combinationsi have been reeeeally torn between these two (as all my friends and acquaintances can likely attest, as i’ve been pestering them for opinions all week). the orange combination suited the idea of the quilt i had in my head, and is very summery and lovely.

wisteria scheme

the purple includes a lot of colours i like, and felt a little more unusual, and definitely still summery.

i could not make up my mind! i like both equally well, i suppose. even my usual decision making techniques, like flipping a coin and if you’re not pleased with the flip it points you to where you really want to go, weren’t working.

to make a long story short, in the end i went with the purples. i was helped along by the fact that i ordered the fabric from a different store than the one where i first picked out samples, and i couldn’t get all of the fabrics i’d picked. if i could have i’d probably have gone with the orange/coral combination.

here’s what my pick eventually looked like:

Summer Sampler order

i’m really happy with the decision. it’s got a good level of contrast and lots of nice whites. plus i got to incorporate something from the brush strokes collection by holly degroot, which i’ve been obsessed with all summer. i’m really feeling teal/magenta and cool colours right now, so in the end, after a looooot of flip-flopping*, i think this was definitely the right choice!

*i literally woke up at 5am and couldn’t fall back asleep cos i got all worked up thinking about colours. cool or sad?

quilting colours

hi readers! remember me? boy have i been sewing a lot!

i have three new shirts and a pair of pants to show you, as soon as the weather turns. it’s been most uncooperative both for being-outside and picture-taking purposes.

my quilt is almost done! just a bit more quilting to go and then the binding. that will be so exciting to show when it’s finished.

in further quilting news, i’ve joined the (big) gang working on the splendid sampler. so much fun! check back for a post about that soon. here’s a preview:

i got the farmer’s wife 1930s book for my birthday, but i have to collect more feedsack prints before i can start work on that. can’t wait!

but all that excitement aside – what i really came here to talk about today is colour schemes! after watching the new summer sampler unfold over the last weeks i couldn’t resist anymore and bought the pattern. yes, yes another sampler quilt i know. but it’s so pretty!

anyway, my splendid sampler is red, yellow, and blue, my farmer’s wife will be a lively rainbow blend of 1930s repros and solids, but what colours shall i use for my summer sampler 2016???

i’m completely obsessed with really admire faith’s colour scheme for her sampler and must admit that i’m sorely tempted to copy it faithfully. eeps! but i don’t have any fabrics in any of those colours in my admitedly small stash and besides, i’m sure i should at least try to come up with a scheme of my own. and after all, what’s more fun than playing with colour?

that’s where good old pinterest comes in handy! i have a board where i’ve collected colours and colour combos that catch my fancy, regardless of the subject of the image. it’s turned out to be a real goldmine of inspiration!

sunset-warm or cool pastels?

bright, clear colours?

love these intense jewel tones!

i had a thing for petrol blue and coral  a few months ago, but i think i’ll go with something a bit lighter (and more summery) for this quilt. one thing i’ll almost definitely take from faith’s version is the use of a lot of low-volume whites.

well, i have a lot more colour-admiration and fabric shopping to do! and you, reader! go start a colour collection! they’re the most fun to look through, i promise!