the saga of the quilt and the bunny

mincemeat 075.NEF

here we see a specimen of the common house rabbit, scientific name bunnius naughtii, common name hoppy. but don’t let that innocent little face fool you. those big round eyes and floppy ears are merely the sheep’s clothing of a creature capable of wanton acts of terrible destruction.

for example, this:

holes! in my quilt! she chewed holes in my quilt!

can you even? i can’t even.

ok calm down. it’s okay. it was a few days ago. i was hopping mad (heh heh) but i’ve forgiven her. i’m sure she didn’t do it deliberately (although at the time i claimed otherwise to anyone who would listen). right?

i can put appliques over the holes and now my quilt has a good bunny backstory. i won’t have to worry about my quilt getting damaged in the future – it already happened and it’s not that bad!

(plus now i have even more in common with lisa simpson. surely we all remember that episode where she has the mumps and makes a square for the bouvier family quilt but then santa’s little helper eats the quilt?!)

and anyway, who could stay mad at this little face??

bunny 007.NEF


2 thoughts on “the saga of the quilt and the bunny

  1. Dommage. Desolee. She was just copying you – children do that. And she was thinking “what a beautiful nest I am making for the baby rabbits”. You can do some fancy Japanese embroidery around the holes and it will be A Very Unique Quilt With A Story…


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