when in uppsala…

so i’m really into knitting lately, as you may have gathered. uppsala vantar 1

these are “uppsala mittens,” something of a must-knit if you are a dyed in the wool (heh) uppsalabor or just want to express a little lokalpatriotism. the design shows uppsala cathedral.

the pattern and yarn are both from the local wool shop, yll & tyll.

they look rather enormous, because i knit them for joakim and went up a needle size in order to do so. he also chose the background colour, which i love. petrol blue is one of my favourite colours right now.

uppsala vantar 3

the yarn is, perhaps unsurprisingly, rauma finull, which i’m also really into lately. i used it for my last project and have already cast on another using the same yarn. it makes such a lovely drapey soft fabric and the colours – !

this was my first stranded knitting project and i’m pretty happy with the outcome. it’s not perfect, but a lot of the lumpiness was resolved in blocking, and now i have a better understanding of how loose the floats have to be. (i really thought i was making them loose enough on the first mitt, but alas).

they were fast! two weeks from start to finish.

uppsala vantar 2

here’s a sneak peek at my next project – more tomorrow.



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