i moved!

hi dear readers! i hope you won’t mind following me to my new blog: hejdawn.blogspot.com

it’s just as nice as this blog and i had three very good reasons for moving: 1. wordpress is a little annoying 2. i kind of wanted a shorter, catchier name 3. and most importantly: i caught a cold and needed something to keep me busy while snivelling on the couch.

so come on over to hejdawn.blogspot.com, it’s fun, i swear!


light blue dress

i’ve been wanting to make a light blue summer dress since i read vi på saltkråkan two summers ago. the oldest daughter wears a light blue dress at one point and while i’m not really sure why i found that so especially inspiring (a blue dress has to be the next most basic thing after a black dress?) it’s been on my to-make list ever since.

i was in gävle in may when i found the perfect blue-striped seersucker fabric – and for only 29 crowns/metre. but it took me a while to find the perfect pattern.


after a false start with a burda pattern – i traced it off and started laying it out only to realise the pattern required 56″ fabric and mine’s an unusually narrow 44″ – i started sketching out some ideas. i wanted an a-line skirt, button placket and extended shoulders or flanges instead of sleeves. not asking for much right? yet it took me the whole summer to find what i was looking for!


simplicity 2018 to the rescue! just what i had in mind, and from 1947 – i love ’40s patterns, the bust sizing always corresponds to my measurements so i don’t have to change much.

this was pretty straightforward to make – or rather, very straightforward. one dart, a couple of pleats at the waist, what more shaping do you need? and isn’t seersucker a dream to work with? so flexible and easy-going.

my favourite detail has to be the hidden button placket.


the inside is basically indistinguishable from the outside at first glance, which is a good thing but has led to me putting it on inside out more than once.

it’s definitely a summer dress but with a bit of luck i can wear it one or two more times before it gets really cold.

finally, i have a light blue dress!


a little mending, a little blogging

a good sweatshirt (aka college sweater) is one of those garments that just get better looking the longer you have it and the more you wear it in. the fabric gets softer and the worn patches that develop around the seams just make it look even cooler.


up to a point.

in the case of beloved blue sweater (so known around here as we both wear it and thus it is neither “my sweater” nor “your sweater”*) the cuffs had become so stretched and worn out that this sweater was no longer fit to be seen in public. not pretty.


but why get rid of a favourite sweatshirt when you can easily replace the cuffs! fabric stores sell sweatshirt cuffs in a few basic colours and it took no more than 15 minutes to rip out the old ones and sew in the new. i think the darker shade of navy looks pretty cool too, and now blue sweater is better than ever. not bad for a 200 crown sweatshirt from  h&m. (even fast fashion can be slow fashion!)

excuse the mirror selfie, my tripod has a stripped screw and is currently unfit to be trusted holding up a camera.

speaking of things to be excused – pardon my month-long absence from blogging. i’ve been working on a few projects but uncooperative technology has made me less eager to blog about it. for one thing my laptop freezes every time i open photo editing software. for another, my bunny (perhaps you remember her from the quilt-biting incident) knocked a couple of keys off my keyboard a while ago. no big deal, except she proceeded to eat the squishy things from under the keys so i couldn’t put them back on. now every a, r, and q must be poked out with an athletic gesture. thus typing has landed on my list of things to do as little as possible of and blogging is less fun – until i get new squishy things!

*actually existing communism!

in advent time


here is our front window with some christmas spirit. and draped patiently over the couch, my quilt, just waiting for me to work on it. i only had time to quilt a tiny area this week, so far, because i’ve been so busy with writing proposals, exams, research, reading reading r e a d i n g – things that have taken me out of the house. so unusual!

i managed to find time to bake a big batch of lussekatter/saffran buns for st. lucia day. they are the yummiest. especially if you like saffran (most people) and tender sweet buns (everybody). oh and raisins.


and a bookshelf with a poinsetta, a pomander and some seasonal candle holders. and a tiny bakery from my christmas village(-in-progress). we put up most of the decorations on the first advent (last sunday) as per tradition but some are still missing, tucked in some surprise box in the storage room. i shall make every attempt to get them out before sunday.


and speaking of attempts. my early new years resolution/promise to you long-suffering readers is to have my damn dslr repaired! because blogging is fun, but posting crummy grainy iphone photos really does take some of the thrill out of it.

New brush!

new brush edits

…sorry, I know this is a sewing blog. Buuut… I have a new paintbrush! It’s distracting. Plus, there’s not much to show on the sewing front, just lots and lots of tiny running stitches and the weather still too grey to photograph my quilt. So you get another painting to tide you over for now!