new fabric

some new fabrics have come my way lately, as they have a tendency to do.

last week we took a day trip to gävle, a really nice town somewhat north of here with a cool old quarter. i went to their local quilt shop and brought home a fat quarter (a super low-volume blue) as a souvenir. i’ve been needing some more background-friendly fabric for my splendid sampler.

i also stopped by ohlssons. it’s a fairly big chain but every location has a somewhat different selection and i really like the gävle store. my luck didn’t fail me either, as i found this excellent cat fabric (which just happens to coordinate really well with my fabrics for the summer sampler 2016). cats

i also found this butterfly print, which i assumed was just “inspired by” (i.e. ripped off) heather ross’ line, but closer inspection revealed this to be honest-to-goodness tiger lily fabric. i was (quite nerdily) thrilled as i’ve coveted this line for a while and i neeeeever find anything cool from the internet in stores around here. such a catch!


then the very next day my summer sampler fabrics arrived! ask me if i’m happy with my choices. i’m very happy with my choices!!!



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