my first quilt


it’s done, it’s really done!

actually, finishing this quilt was slightly  anti-climactic. i suppose finishing the actual quilting was the thrilling part, binding it wasn’t so exciting after all. and then of course there was the inaugural sleeping under it, but perhaps that lost a bit of its thrill too, as i’d already taken a handful of naps under this very cozy quilt. well, it spent the better part of a year on my couch, what could you expect?



i’m so happy with how it turned out! it’s on the small side (an oddly dimensioned 81″ x 87″) but i figured that for my first quilt i should stick with something on the reasonable side of large, so i don’t mind. it’s still big enough to cover my whole bed, of couse, there just isn’t really any overhang.

i’m especially happy with the colours! the reason i chose pink as the background (instead of white) is because i had some pale pink cotton on hand from a blouse i was making. i’m sure glad i did, it’s so pretty!


all in all i’m very very happy with my first quilt, and i honestly still can’t quite believe i really made a whole quilt! it’s something i’ve always wanted to do but which seemed slightly unreasonable, something i could never actually pull off. but i did it!



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