maroon sweater

weee i finished my jumper! to think it took just 4 1/2 months…

sweater 1_edited-1

well honestly it wouldn’t have taken so long but the sleeves slowed me down. i knit both at once (back and forth) on a long circular, which paradoxically made the process both faster (by avoiding the dreaded second-sleeve syndrome) and slower ( i was often loathe to pick up the knitting when the sleeves were at their widest – 2 x 96 stitches in stockinette is nobody’s idea of a good time).

sweater 2_edited-1

speaking of the sleeves – you can clearly see from these photos that they are quite … voluminous. i was a tad disapointed when i sewed it up and thought i must have done something wrong, although i followed the pattern and got gauge. a closer inspection of the pattern illustration, however, reveals the sweater is meant to be quite generous in the sleeves. perhaps to make it ‘sportier’? in retrospect, if i’d been aware of this design choice i would have knit up the body somewhat looser as well – or, you know, made the sleeves narrower. as it is i can feel that the two belong to quite different jumpers.

sweater 4
my face doesn’t normally look so weird, it’s the damn sun!

complaints aside, i’m happy with this sweater. it’s very comfortable and fills two big holes in my wardrobe – it’s both cabled and maroon. i’ve always wanted a jumper this colour.

the cast-on edges are all in 1×1 rib which looks great but is a bit time-consuming to do, and the neck edges are cast off with jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off. truly this bind-off is a work of genius! i really don’t see how i would manage to get this narrow collar over my big noggin without it.

i was reminded with this project why people always complain about seaming up sweaters. it’s terrible! i couldn’t be arsed to convert the pattern to the round as i didn’t think seaming was such a big deal. now i’ve been reminded that it’s nothing like normal hand sewing and also terrible. mental note: in future always work in the round. this won’t be an issue with my next project!

sweater 3

project details: (and here’s the ravelry page if you’re into that kind of thing)

pattern: teen top cable pullover
yarn: rauma finull garn in no. 497, pinot noir – about 8 hanks


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