christmas 2015

201512 xmas 11

so much food, so little time.  we ate and ate and ate and listened to music and opened presents and basically hibernated in the best tradition of the holiday.

201512 xmas 10

we did go to listen to carols and hear the archbishop speak in the cathedral on christmas eve so it wasn’t a totally hedonistic celebration. though you must admit the appeal of the glittering, enormous, echoing cathedral is largely sensuous.

all this eating wasn’t for naught, i’ve come away with some brilliant new recipes and techniques for all year-round. brined chicken, overnight rice pudding, scalded rye bread (recipe coming soon), overnight white bread (truly brilliant and maybe my new default bread – though i’m not totally sold, it has a very grown-up proper structure with chewy crust, which is probably a major selling point but i’m rather partial to a softer, nursery food-ish crumb in my white bread), and the best brussels sprouts i’ve ever made – and i’ve made a lot of brussels sprouts. not to mention the crispiest roast potatoes ever (thank you nigella).

201512 xmas eve 1

the mince pies turned out perfectly, if you’ve been wondering about the fate of my experiment.

201512 xmas 4
leftovers revamped.

on sunday the snow finally came and we walked 12km to the electronics store to buy an alarm clock* only to find they were sold out. i’m not complaining though, after the fruitcake, mince pies, plum pudding, gravy and butter butter butter i was very happy to get a good walk in.

xmas, mellandagarna 128

201512 xmas 8201512 xmas 3201512 xmas 1201512 xmas 7

*not just any alarm clock! joakim’s parents gave us a gift certificate for one of those sunrise-simulator alarms which i desperately need. i’m really not one for gizmos but ugh i cannot drag myself back to consciousness without the help of sunshine – which i’ve heard is totally biologically reasonable, but impossible when the sun rises at 9 am.

merry christmas! i’m still officially on holiday until after new years & swedish christmas technically lasts until mid-january so now begins phase two of christmas: after the eating, comes reading. and playing with new presents!

xmas, mellandagarna 133

201512 xmas 6


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