oranges + cloves = xmas

the sun is shining (!!!), my camera works, and the michael jackson episode of the simpsons was on tv. what a day! to celebrate these delightful events, and to make my house smell like christmas, i made these dried orange slices.

dried oranges 039

just slice up an orange and stud the slices all over with cloves. then dry them in a low oven. it takes a while, mine were in there for about 3 1/2 hours.  it’s a good project for when you’re going to be home doing other things. your kitchen will smell delicious all afternoon and if you go out and come home you’ll think you’ve been in there baking treats instead of running around in town looking for suet. more on that tomorrow.

dried oranges 117.NEF

the idea for these is from bbc good food, a good reliable source for recipes, especially if, like me, you find the idea of english food irresistibly exotic.


2 thoughts on “oranges + cloves = xmas

  1. ..that is an excellent photo of the oranges on the paper. And a Good Idea to try as soon as my oven is fixed. Oops.


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