ermagerd electronics!

i fixed my camera! okay not really, the main problem is sort of un-fixable (in technical terms, there’s a tiny chip missing from the lens screwy-ony thingy which causes it to fall off all the time). i did find the charger, and more importantly the charger cord, and reunited them in holy electronic matrimony, so now i can use my camera and take cool pictures again! (as long as i’m very very very careful with the lens).

i also fixed my laptop today?! i am just astoundingly productive when i’m avoiding doing real work. perhaps i’ll be more inclined to do some work on the road now that i have my laptop back, it’s much smaller than the one i’ve been using. it’s got a 12″ screen! it’s only 3.5 lbs! such a little baby laptop compared to the functional yet backbreaking giant i’ve been using. although now i have to go through that awkward phase again where half your stuff is on one computer and half on the other.

to keep us on sewing track: here’s an outfit i made for my nephew back when he was just a little-bitty guy, using vintage simplicity 2743. the pictures were on my cam. so cute right!

the puppy patch is a pocket!!

the rest of the pictures on this memory card are from my trip to new york! the camera broke on the way home from that trip and i’ve only used it once or twice since then. i can’t wait to look through them!*

*most of them are probably from the museum of natural history where i went three days in a row! (aka every day of my trip). nerrrrrd.


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