no s(n)ewing in sight (heh heh see what i did there)

where did the snow go?? it was so snowy and beautiful, now it’s pouring ice-cold rain. nothing makes me quite so sad as a rain storm in december. it could be beautiful snowfall right now but no (climate negotiators in paris, you’d better get your darn acts together!)*

obs: this picture (darn you, iphone) does no justice to how rainy it actually is. it’s driping-down-the-panes, beating-on-the-roof, would-be-cosy-if-i-weren’t-wearing-itchy-wet-jeans-and-sneakers rainy. in addition to being i’m-very-bitter-imagining-how-many-inches-of-snow-this-could-be rainy.

despite the gloomy view and getting the worst soakers of all time on the way here (mental note: riding a bike =/= dry feet; wear boots), i braved the weather to come work at the library for the fourth time this week! highly unusual for a confirmed homebody & home-office-lover such as myself.

i’ve discovered that i love working here even more than i love working at home. pros: no distractions (no sewing projects to glimpse out of the corner of a wandering eye here!). i sit at the same little desk on the third floor every day, my own cosy semi-private study space. and every day the same two guys show up and sit at the same desks on either side of me. we’re creatures of habit, we library-people. (further evidence: i’ve been wearing the same sweater for like two weeks** and guy-on-my-left has also been wearing the same sweater all week. routine-lovers, unite!)

and when i do want a distraction i just have to turn around because my desk is smack-dab in the middle of the egyptian archeology stacks, filled with such treasures as these old folios of various tombs, this very old encyclopedia of the egyptian language that i’m afraid to take off the shelf and this first edition of howard carter’s volumes about tutankhamun’s tomb.

ps here’s a song you can listen to on repeat if you also need to try to convince yourself that you don’t mind the fact that it’s raining right now:

*the mum of the kids i sometimes babysit is in paris right now as part of the swedish delegation, so cool right!

**my defence, should i need one: it’s winter! minimalism! etc.


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