in advent time


here is our front window with some christmas spirit. and draped patiently over the couch, my quilt, just waiting for me to work on it. i only had time to quilt a tiny area this week, so far, because i’ve been so busy with writing proposals, exams, research, reading reading r e a d i n g – things that have taken me out of the house. so unusual!

i managed to find time to bake a big batch of lussekatter/saffran buns for st. lucia day. they are the yummiest. especially if you like saffran (most people) and tender sweet buns (everybody). oh and raisins.


and a bookshelf with a poinsetta, a pomander and some seasonal candle holders. and a tiny bakery from my christmas village(-in-progress). we put up most of the decorations on the first advent (last sunday) as per tradition but some are still missing, tucked in some surprise box in the storage room. i shall make every attempt to get them out before sunday.


and speaking of attempts. my early new years resolution/promise to you long-suffering readers is to have my damn dslr repaired! because blogging is fun, but posting crummy grainy iphone photos really does take some of the thrill out of it.


One thought on “in advent time

  1. Hooray! What a nice household! I would be very proud to get to live there! Also the grainyness makes it seem kinda nice and Christmassy!


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