Quilting – it’s a process.

At long last, some actual sewing on this blog!

We finally had sunny weather and I managed to get a few pictures of my hand quilting in progress. IMG_8351

I’m really happy with how it looks so far but I can’t deny it’s slow going. I thought I’d done quite a bit but then I spread the quilt out on my bed to see how it looks and wow – after many hours and a whole season of Pretty Little Liars (!) I have quilted just a tiny drop in the giant sea that is this quilt.  But it’s okay, I don’t mind. (Yet.)


Quilting is really a seasonal activity, isn’t it? Piece it in the summer and quilt it in the winter when you don’t mind sitting inside with several layers of fabric and batting on your lap. It’s minus 5 but I’ve had the radiator off and the window open half the time I’m quilting. So: the quilt is warm. Success!


No pictures of the back because it’s kind of a mess. Well, that’s exagerating. It’s not a mess but it is quite ripply. Either I didn’t spread it out smoothly enough or I didn’t baste the layers enough or, more likely, a bit of both. Although I really did baste a lot; I spent about two hours on the floor with this thing! Oh well. The important thing is that the front looks nice, right?

I was actually regretting my choice of backing fabric at first, thinking that maybe the plain calico is well, a little too plain, but it’s super cozy so I like it again. And yes, I have already tested the quilt out. If you spend enough time with a quilt in your lap you’re bound to take a nap under it at some point, right?


One thought on “Quilting – it’s a process.

  1. Good job so far! Quilting sure seem like a seasonal thing. Good timing that there are so many exciting and nice film and tv-series to watch during the holidays!


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