mending, sashiko-inspired

While I was researching last week’s post about slow fashion, I found so many beautiful examples of sashiko (Japanese quilting)-inspired mending and boro, the traditional Japanese practise of mending indigo-dyed cloth again and again. (Click the link to see a blog post with many beautiful examples of boro!)

lovely mended jeans on honestly wtf
a very old kotatsugake featuring sashiko
lovely examples of mending
sashiko-mended jeans on Rivulette

Looking at all these lovely things inspired me to f i n a l l y mend these jeans of mine, which have been languishing in the mending pile for months.

(sorry for the gross lighting, it’s basically impossible to get a photo in daylight at this time of year)

Not real sashiko but, as I said, sashiko-inspired. I used some heavy-duty Gutterman thread in my favourite shade of blue. The stitching gives the fabric a cool texture and a sturdy feel.

IMG_8270The bum, with a patch on one side and reinforcement stitching on the other side where it’s wearing thin.

I am so happy to be able to wear these again, and bring my total up to three whole pair of wearable trousers!


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