Quilting time is coming!

Soon my quilt squares will actually start becoming a quilt – i.e. a fabric-filling-fabric sandwich held together with small stitches. I ordered extra-wide unbleached calico from Plush Addict for the backing. Today I pre-washed it and it’s hanging to dry. I keep laughing every time I see how wide it is (235 cm). I don’t know why I find that so amusing, but I do!

I’ll be spending a lot of time with this quilt in the next few months so I decided to work on a quick clothing project in the meanwhile, you know, just to get some variety in my life.

I ❤ plaid selvages

These plaid bermuda shorts (Simplicity 1695) are, however, turning out to be a little trickier than I planned. There are no in-progress pictures to show yet as I’ve only gotten as far as basting the backing onto the fronts. Having done that I discovered my plaid doesn’t match at the centre-front. Tears! Yes, I really screwed these up when cutting. I didn’t buy as much extra fabric as I should have, managed to cut two identical fronts instead of mirror-image and it all went downhill from there. It’s going to take a little cunning to get this “quick” project to work out!

IMG_8244More details later. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of my bunny getting in the way while I was cutting, perhaps she was trying to stop me before I made a big mistake!



4 thoughts on “Quilting time is coming!

  1. That’s the thing about plaid. And why a kilt costs so much! Because it takes YARDS of plaid to make the pleats match the plaid in the garment. So much waste material… Re: shorts – you could always make some decorative belt or what-have-you to cover up the seam – but it would be bad feng-shui as it would threaten your state of well-being just KNOWING it was screwy… Life and its lessons…


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