New Pyjamas

I finished them! According to my little sewing notebook I started these pyjamas on 4 september! Can that be possible? Did it really take me so long? Well maybe it did, I have been pretty busy the last little while. The important thing is, they’re finished and they turned out great!

IMG_8049I bought this pattern quite a while ago but never got to making it, because I didn’t find just the right fabric until recently. Plus I left the pattern in Canada when I moved three years ago. It’s very tricky to sew with a pattern that’s located 5000 km away, take my word for it.

IMG_8082I had a couple of small issues with the pattern – one was that when I took it out of the envelope, big sections were missing from the sides of the pants pieces! Why??? Did the previous owner do this to me? I was cursing her at first, but now I’m more convinced it was maybe a factory error since an identical section is missing from each piece and also why would you do that? Anyway, it didn’t really matter, I straightened it out when I traced it. (I don’t usually trace patterns, except when grading them.)

The second problem was that I couldn’t quiiiiite fit all my pieces on my fabric. Why didn’t I buy just half a metre more? This was fabric I bought in Canada so I couldn’t exactly go out and get extra. Actually now that I think about it I seem to recall spending every last Canadian penny I had with me that day, so I guess that’s why I didn’t buy any more!

I solved this problem by overlapping the front and back leg pieces, so that a little square was missing from the top centre back. Then I sewed a patch there. This probably wasn’t the only or most elegant solution, but it was what I came up with first, and I’m happy with the results.

IMG_8053I used my rolled hem foot to make a tiny little ziz-zag hem on the sides of the patches, toward the right side of the fabric.

IMG_8152Then I straightened the edges of the “holes”, folded them under and sewed the patch down, with two lines of stitching for added sturdiness.

IMG_8153The raw edges of the “holes” are encased between the two lines of stitching.

IMG_8154 IMG_8155Looks pretty nice, huh!

IMG_8200I guess to do it really properly I could have matched the pattern, but I saw these pyjamas as an exercise in not being such a perfectionist. Don’t get me wrong, perfectionism is a very useful trait for sewing, but I wanted to practice taking it easy, and that not every project needs couture details, multiple fittings and hand-finishing – although I did hand finish the hems, more on that later.  Anyway, it’s at the back so I’ll never see it and the top hangs over the waist, hiding it even more.

Other than that these came together smoothly. Although it’s a beginner pattern it didn’t feel too simplified or “dumbed down” and has nice details that held my interest. I really like the fine way the facing folds down at the shoulder seams. (although I forgot to take a picture of it!)

I always make French seams on pyjamas since they’re so sturdy and hard-wearing. In this case though, the seam was too thick because of the double layer of lace in the seam, so I just made a regular seam. I did French seams on the bottoms though, and flat-felled the centre front/back seam. I sewed a plain seam over the lace at the hem and then zig-zagged the seam allowance over the lace edges like a little pouch to keep them from fraying.

IMG_8206I dyed the lace myself, I’ll tell about that in a separate post, this one is already long enough!

The waist has a plain waistband at the front and elastic in the back, which I love! Definitely a feature I’ll use in my next pair of pyjamas. The placket is closed with snaps. Doesn’t it look so cute and old-fashioned? The instructions call for a hook and eye to close the placket at the waist but I didn’t care for the thought of fiddling with one of those all the time, so I just used a bigger snap at the top instead.

IMG_8204Other than that I was very faithful to the instructions, even down to hand-stitching the hems. Sometimes I get a kick out of following directions, especially when they’re so nice as these!

IMG_8048I love my new jammies! They’re certainly summer pyjamas, but I think I can get away with them for at least another couple of weeks before it gets really cold here. The lace turned out just the shade I hoped for, the waist is comfy and I just adore this fabric! Another successful sewing project!

Sorry for my knee. I had to stand on the bed to get a good shot.

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