Things I Want to Sew: Camel coat

While we’re on the topic of things I want to sew but am not due to not having any time/money/etc (and see yesterday’s post about the Farmer’s Wife quilt) let me introduce you to a little file on my computer called Things I Want to Sew.

I won’t actually make you look at the whole thing. It’s very long and borrows heavily from my 17 (17!) pages of Etsy favourites, which consist almost exclusively of patterns.

In the interest of your sanity and mine, today I’ll limit myself to telling you about my unhealthy obsession with sewing a camel coat, also known as a polo coat.

box coat
like this one!
or this one!!
or this one!!

I’ve been wanting desperately needing to sew one since early this summer, and I genuinely believed I would have it sewn up by now. Or at least be working on it. Or at the very least have ordered the pattern and fabric.


The only place I’ve been able to source camel hair fabric is Mood (and let me once again take the opportunity to complain about how terrible fabric shopping is in Sweden) and the cost of shipping a few yards of woolen goods from New York to Scandinavia is prohibitive at best.

Having discovered that the shipping cost is more than twice the price of the fabric has not deterred me, however. I’ll keep saving and meanwhile, since I’ve *ahem* never actually sewn a coat before, I’ll do some research and reading to get prepared and keep the dream alive. The dream of a beautiful camel hair coat. I will have one! Although realistically, not before it gets too cold to wear it this year. Darn.

UPDATE! UPDATE! The fabric I want just went on sale for 20% off!!! Wise and self-controlled Joakim pointed out to me that 20% is one of those numbers that tricks you by seeming like a better deal than it is but oooh! I want it!  My coooooat!


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