Farmer’s Wife 1930s quilt

If you are interested in quilting you might know that Laurie Aaron Hird released a follow-up to her Farmer’s Wife quilt. I’ve spent many hours pouring over photos of the original, 1920s, quilt on pinterest and longing to make it. I still love the original and hope to make it some day, but now that I’ve seen pictures from the new book I think I like it even more!

farmers wife book cover

I think it’s the airiness that comes from the wide sashing and on-point setting that really tickles my fancy!

I want to make this quilt so much! There’s a quilt-a-long that started a couple of weeks ago, but I won’t be joining in, at least not for a while. I have to finish my summer sampler quilt first, not to mention a number of other sewing projects in  various stages of completion. And then there’s the small issue that I don’t have the book yet. I’ve asked for it for Christmas so I’m using that as a carrot; if I get my summer sampler done by Christmas then I’ll be able to dive right into the Farmer’s Wife!


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