my Summer Sampler quilt

Today I pieced the last block of the Summer Sampler series! I’m going to make doubles of four of the blocks to make the quilt big enough for my enormous bed, but now I’ve done one of each in the series. What an accomplishment! It feels great.

quilt blocks

I decided to learn to quilt last summer when I found a neat quilting handbook at the library. First I made a hand-pieced couch cushion cover. That was last summer.


This summer I made this English-pieced and hand-quilted tea cosy. I worked on it while catching up on Pretty Little Liars (no spoilers please! I’ve still only watched seasons 1-3).

tea cosy

And now I’ve pieced a quilt top! It might be a bit ambitious but hey, if you want to learn to quilt, you’ve got to make a quilt some time right? So I’m picturing a nice, cozy winter of handquilting… check back with me in a month or two to see if it’s driving me nuts or if I’m still at it !

I can really recommend the Summer Sampler quilt-a-long if it’s your first time making a quilt (or even if it’s not!). It’s very straightforward and the three quilt-a-long leaders made such wonderful, clear, photo-heavy tutorials. I learned a lot and every block worked out perfectly, which is saying a lot ! I even figured out paper piecing, thanks to the quilt-a-long.

quilt blocks 2PS The pink background fabric is the same fabric I used for the blouse I blogged about here and I don’t know if you can see it, but some of the same fabric from the shirt I’m wearing in this photo is used in the two star blocks on the bottom row.  Sewing win!


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