Fabric stashin’

People always want to know what I miss most about Canada (besides friends and family). There are quite a few things to miss about Canada like roadside stands with fresh produce in the summer, Ontario peaches and corn and of course Tim Hortons coffee. But number one on my list is always fabric shopping!


There’s a chain of fabric stores called Fabricland, which have quite a great selection and terrific prices, and then there’s the street in my hometown that has only fabric stores for a good two blocks! It’s heaven.

I’ve managed to get better at finding fabric in my Swedish town since I moved here, but it’s still nothing like the Canadian stores which are better organized, have nicer displays (why do Swedish stores always want to display their fabric as a pile of rolls you have to root through, so that it’s rather impossible to see everything?) and much more selection. So you know I had to take a day out for fabric shopping when I spent a week in Ontario this summer!

Hilariously I thought I would spend about an hour shopping… ha! Make that three. You have to go into each store one by one, remember the things you like, and then go back once you’ve compared and decided what to buy where, of course!

So what did I get?


The hedgehog flannel is just a 1/4 of a metre, I think I’ll use it as edging on a set of pillowcases.

Under that are two flowered cottons, one is probably destined for a blouse and the other is a pair of pyjamas (more on those soon).

The pastel plaid looks much nicer in real life than in this kind of queasy photo, and will probably become shorts. Peeking out below that is some plain white batiste for a blouse and a little plainweave linen – which I can actually find here but you know, I got a bit nostalgic over “my favourite store, the one where I always buy the linen!”

And right at the bottom, where you can barely see it, is some plaid flannel for a pair of autumn shorts. I took another picture of the plaid but it looks weird, so let’s wait until I start sewing the shorts and take a more flattering pic!

Hooray! Happy sewing!


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